Exploring The Wonders Of Lavenham


England is not just home to the ancient Stonehenge and the medieval Tower of London. It’s also not just home to the gothic Westminster Abbey and the prestigious Cambridge University.

It’s also home to the East Anglian county Suffolk (where Harriet’s Tea Shop Bury St Edmunds can be found), as well as to the civil parish village Lavenham.

For starters, Lavenham is a small village with a rich history – deemed to be among England’s 20 wealthiest settlements during the medieval era. It goes way back into the 15th century, as well as best known for 3 wonderful things: its wool trade industry, its century-aged churches, and its gothic-styled houses.

Even more so, there’s no shortage of fun activities in Lavenham – despite its size and its population.

Those being said, explore the wonders of Lavenham by:

Meeting New Friends

I’m not talking about meeting people you’ve never met before. I’m talking about meeting animals you’ve never seen before. The Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm will definitely make your experience in Lavenham remarkably good, along with your new friends – rare breeds of piglets or calves and rare breeds of kids or lambs.

Watching Amazing Falcons

The Lavenham Falconry is not just home to amazing falcons, but also home to magnificent hawks and brilliant owls. It’s located within 2 acres of wildflower meadow, as well as boast of flexible courses to know more about the different kinds of “Birds of Prey” species. What’s more, this awesome bird place offers classes like field archery and rifle shooting – making you appreciate the outdoor life even more.

Other notable places to go and things to do in Lavenham include visiting the Kentwell Hall, a Tudor-styled manor with 6 exquisite gardens to roam around on; and visiting the Museum of East Anglian Life, an 80-acred museum with 15 historical buildings to wander around on.

Do you know any other places to go and things to do in Lavenham? Share them with us below!

How to Prevent Overeating while Traveling

Sometimes we tend to eat more than we should when we’re on a trip. We use the words, “I’m discovering other food” as an excuse. And sometimes, we also use our travels to stress-eat, thinking we’ll feel a lot better and less homesick if we eat a lot.

The question now is: How can you stay healthy while on a trip? Avoiding the temptation brought by emotional eating and overeating can be tough, but with these tips, you can do it.

Drink water


Sometimes hunger isn’t really hunger for food but a thirst for water. Before ordering a meal, try drinking lots of water first. If you’re still famished after drinking, then maybe you really are starving for food.

Eat on Time

Skipping meals will overwhelm your craving for food, and you might lose control of yourself once you have the chance to eat. Overeating can be caused by not sticking to your eating schedule. Have your breakfast, lunch, and supper at the right time and make sure you eat healthy food. To keep your hunger in control, opt for high-fiber alternatives in your meals such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains. Don’t eat too many sweets especially when you’re hungry because that can result in overeating.

Enjoy sweets in moderation


As mentioned, it’s best to avoid too many sweets. Sure, cookies, chips, cakes, chocolates, and ice cream can make you feel better when you’re stressed and emotionally down, but it can make your weight go up. Plus, it’s not healthy to consume a lot of sugar. Sugary food can satisfy your cravings for now, but it won’t last. And before you know it, instead of promising to eat only a piece of cake, you’ve already eaten every bit! Besides, doughnuts and other desserts taste almost the same wherever you are anyway.

Stroll around

Another tip to avoid overeating is to walk. Staying in one place can be tempting for your stomach. If you’re just lying around or sitting down, you’re giving an opportunity to your brain to start looking for food. Rather than hanging inside your hotel room watching television the whole day while eating, go for a stroll around the city. Not only will you be able to enjoy your travel even more; you’ll also be able to exercise your muscles.

Do some activity


Performing some activity like attending art or a woodworking class can keep your mind busy. If you’re working, you won’t have time to think about eating again when you literally just ate. You can control your cravings if you’re concentrated on accomplishing something. It’s a unique way of avoiding overeating, but as long as it’s effective, then you should definitely try it!

Keeping Your Vacation as Relaxing as Possible


Vacations are ideally a time for a relaxing getaway. While “relaxing” may take on different meanings for everyone, it would be safe to say that it could mean avoiding as much stress as possible. Traveling may not always be stress-free, but it does provide a great way to take a break from the usual grind. You may not be able to predict everything and ensure zero stress on your travels. But there are ways to make your vacation as restful and relaxing as possible.

Pack with convenience in mind. Traveling light can be a liberating experience. Imagine the convenience of traveling with only a carry-on luggage with you. It spares you from waiting for your baggage to be unloaded. And it can minimize or free you from baggage-related woes. You do not have to bring so much stuff with you wherever you are going. And that includes your work. To enjoy a relaxing vacation, you need to unload and let go of your worries so you can focus on recharging your mind, body, and spirit.

Follow your bliss. There is nothing more stressful than going on a vacation that you cannot even enjoy. Use the time away from home to do what makes you happy. If you are traveling with family or friends, carve out some time to spend on your own doing what you love.

Let go, if needed. Planning and preparation is important. But there may be times when you just have to breathe and just wing it. Control what you can and just prepare to deal with the unexpected. Overthinking or overplanning things can kill the excitement and spontaneity. The key is to try not overdoing things. Plan just enough to ensure a successful trip. But be ready to go with the flow and enjoy every moment while on the road.

Stay offline for as long as possible. Whether you are staying at home or spending your vacation time away from it, disconnecting is one of the relaxing vacation ideas you can adhere to. Use the time to experience the simple pleasures of doing things offline. Reconnect with nature or engage in activities that enrich your mind and body.

Find a suitable place for a truly relaxing trip. Take your relaxing vacation to new heights by picking a place that allows you to slow down and take time to rejuvenate. You can opt for destinations off the beaten tracks or go on a retreat somewhere far from the crowd. You can spend days in a cabin in the woods, an inn in the middle of nowhere that offers a rustic experience, a hot spring resort near verdant mountains, a quaint hotel near the beach, and more.

The Jackets in Traveling and Welding

While travel jackets are made for people on the go and welding ones are tailored for those who need to be protected while they weld, traveling and welding jackets are similar in so many ways.

Their similarities can be easily seen if we discuss their benefits.

Traveling Jacket Benefits

travel-jacketHidden pockets

That’s right, folks. Travel jackets have a couple of compartments (sometimes even several) that can be hidden in plain sight. You could trust those pockets to keep your wallet, phone, passport, or other documents safe while you travel around Lavenham. Wearing one will eliminate the need to worry about pickpockets. After all, the compartments are hidden and inaccessible except for you. No more walking down the street with an anxious face! Travel jackets are thief-proof, I tell you.



On a vacay? Walking ‘round town? Window shopping? Whatever it is you’re doing, a travel jacket can bring convenience by holding your stuff for you. You can’t enjoy your window shopping or stroll if you have your hands stuffed with phone and car keys. Let your travel jacket keep your essential things protected. Besides, travel jackets nowadays come with compartments that can perfectly cater your phone, pen, keys, iPod, and more. Wearing one will allow you to go sightseeing with your hands-free.

Besides, if you don’t intend to bring a lot of stuff when you go out (say, in the middle of the night when you get hungry), then a travel jacket will serve as your purse too. You won’t have to carry a bag or purse with you when a coat would suffice. A travel jacket enables you to do stuff quicker and to relax without thinking about snatchers grabbing your bag.


Lastly, travel jackets also offer protection for your skin especially when the weather’s unpleasant. A travel jacket with a hood can keep you safe from unexpected rain, whether light or not. It can also protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun.

Welding Jacket Benefits


Multiple pockets

If there are hidden compartments in travel jackets, well, there are multiple pockets in a welding jacket. These pockets can carry other welding tools you need. It can even store your mp3 player safely since music is an excellent way to get rid of stress while welding. These pockets have so many uses. You can place your welding gloves in them for a while during a break, and you can also store your phone and keys safely.


Just like travel jackets, welding jackets are also convenient. They can keep your valuables protected from the welding sparks while allowing your stuff to be accessible whenever you need them.


weld-jacketLastly, welding jackets offer cover-all protection. They can keep your neck, arms, shoulder, back, and torso safe. These jackets are also made to be fire-proofed, which means in case of fire, it’ll perform its duties to keep you safe. Welding jackets are designed to be sturdy so that they can protect you from the heat, flames, and sparks. They’re also capable of protecting you against projectiles and stray scraps. Welding jackets, just like travel jackets, make sure your skin is safe from anything harsh.

Travel jackets and welding jackets are indeed similar as evidenced by their benefits in this article.

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Hot News: Portable Heat Press Machines are Now In-Demand

Heat press machines are an excellent and useful investment for those who want to come up with professionally designed products. Whether it’s for a hobby or business, a heat press machine is beneficial.


These machines allow you to express yourself by creating your own designs or editing existing ones. They complete projects in no time and are convenient. Plus, heat presses are also affordable, have budget-friendly operation costs, and are easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, getting the hang of it would be hassle-free.

Heat press machines aren’t just straightforward to use. Lately, they have become so portable and handy too. Their prints can last for years, they don’t take up a lot of space, and they produce quality prints in seconds. What more can you ask for?


new-digital-press-machineA heat press machine is compact, convenient, and perfect for those who have limited space available. Many press machines, like the ones from Heater King, can be brought and handled with ease. That means as long as there’s electricity, you can transfer designs to materials like caps, shirts, and tote bags wherever you are! Talk about travel goals!

Heat machines can be space-savers. Even though there are large ones for big-scale printing businesses, there are small heat presses that could cater to your need. There are tiny ones used for baby clothes and small products with seams such as tote bags. These heat presses can come with a 4” x 6” measurement or 6” x 8”. Small presses range from 9” x 12” to 12” x 14” and are easy to bring. They can print on small items and are excellent for small production. Believe me; taking one with your for your out of town trip via car won’t be troublesome. Who says you can’t take a heat press with you anyway?

If you want a bigger press machine, don’t worry; there are tons of models available for the size of your company or for your personal needs.

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3 Unmissable Places to See When in Ireland

What does one do in Ireland in 4 days? The answer would be – a lot. The tricky part about planning a trip to the country is deciding where to go given the many possible destinations each of which just begs to be explored. From bustling cities to the scenic countryside, Ireland is one place you would not mind getting lost into. If you are still undecided about your destination, here are some Ireland’s top places to explore and some of the best things to do while there. Dublin Dublin Every trip in Ireland deserves a pit stop in its capital city. Whether as your first and only destination or as one of the many on your trip, Dublin needs to be on your travel itinerary. There is no dearth of attractions to explore, especially if you are a book lover seeing that it is also a UNESCO City of Literature. Some of the city’s must-see sights are the picturesque Trinity College and its famous Long Room in the Old Library, Grafton Street and nearby areas, St. Stephen’s Green, the Guinness Storehouse, the many traditional pubs, and Dublin’s Temple Bar district among others. Cliffs of Moher Cliffs of Moher The Cliffs of Moher is a popular tourist destination and one of the most visited places in Ireland. It is an enchanting place that defies description. You have to see the spectacular sight of the rugged and dramatic landscape, the stunning cliffs, and the magnificent scenery to understand why people from around the world are drawn to its beauty. Glendalough, Co. Wicklow Glendalough, Ireland Glendalough, also known as the valley of the two lakes, boasts of breathtaking scenery and natural attractions. This postcard-perfect place sits in County Wicklow and is home to the country’s historic and most important monastery. It is an idyllic place for meanderings with stunning lakes and many woodland trails that provide a setting for scenic walks or hikes.