CSGO: The Game for You


Wherever in the world you are—whether you’re in Lavenham or taking a trip somewhere else, Counter-Strike is the best game for you. And that’s because you can play this online game anytime and anywhere you want.

There are six main reasons why you should play the game, and they are the following:

It’s a Great Challenge


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a challenging game that requires you to be alert to any situation. This game provides both quick and intense rounds and long rounds that would stretch out your mind. Because there are rounds that go on for minutes, the game isn’t always stressful. And this is beneficial whenever you feel like you just need to chill or find something else to do while on a break. Note that even the long rounds are challenging (but not too much) so as not to bore you.

You Can Gamble

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CS:GO is the Best Version of Counter-Strike


If you loved Counter-Strike: Source, you’re going to love the Global Offensive even more. This version is way better, and you’ll appreciate even the tiniest new feature—I assure you.

Watch the top 20 CS:GO highlights of the year here.

You’ll Love the Graphics

Compared to the Source, CS:GO has improved graphics that you’ll appreciate even though it isn’t as good as the one in Battlefield 3. Because of the enhanced appearance of the game, you’ll feel more involved in this virtual world. Any gamer will love CS:GO because it provides the best online experience thanks to its commendable graphics.

You Get Credited More


Other versions of Counter-Strike do not give you credit for decreasing an enemy’s health points which is an unfair thing. In CS:GO, however, you can feel the presence of justice because you can receive additional points if you inflict damage on a player, even though another person finishes him or her later on.  Sounds way better and fairer, doesn’t it?

CS:GO is Fair

Speaking of justice, CS:GO likes it better when players are regarded equal, making the game fair and square. It gives all players access to the same items, and the players aren’t ranked too, enabling gamers to play whenever they want for as long as they wish. That means you won’t be pressured by the need to play for several hours just to be ranked higher. The only factors that would mean would be your weapon and your strategy to be victorious.

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