Exploring The Wonders Of Lavenham


England is not just home to the ancient Stonehenge and the medieval Tower of London. It’s also not just home to the gothic Westminster Abbey and the prestigious Cambridge University.

It’s also home to the East Anglian county Suffolk (where Harriet’s Tea Shop Bury St Edmunds can be found), as well as to the civil parish village Lavenham.

For starters, Lavenham is a small village with a rich history – deemed to be among England’s 20 wealthiest settlements during the medieval era. It goes way back into the 15th century, as well as best known for 3 wonderful things: its wool trade industry, its century-aged churches, and its gothic-styled houses.

Even more so, there’s no shortage of fun activities in Lavenham – despite its size and its population.

Those being said, explore the wonders of Lavenham by:

Meeting New Friends

I’m not talking about meeting people you’ve never met before. I’m talking about meeting animals you’ve never seen before. The Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm will definitely make your experience in Lavenham remarkably good, along with your new friends – rare breeds of piglets or calves and rare breeds of kids or lambs.

Watching Amazing Falcons

The Lavenham Falconry is not just home to amazing falcons, but also home to magnificent hawks and brilliant owls. It’s located within 2 acres of wildflower meadow, as well as boast of flexible courses to know more about the different kinds of “Birds of Prey” species. What’s more, this awesome bird place offers classes like field archery and rifle shooting – making you appreciate the outdoor life even more.

Other notable places to go and things to do in Lavenham include visiting the Kentwell Hall, a Tudor-styled manor with 6 exquisite gardens to roam around on; and visiting the Museum of East Anglian Life, an 80-acred museum with 15 historical buildings to wander around on.

Do you know any other places to go and things to do in Lavenham? Share them with us below!

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