How to Prevent Overeating while Traveling


Sometimes we tend to eat more than we should when we’re on a trip. We use the words, “I’m discovering other food” as an excuse. And sometimes, we also use our travels to stress-eat, thinking we’ll feel a lot better and less homesick if we eat a lot.

The question now is: How can you stay healthy while on a trip? Avoiding the temptation brought by emotional eating and overeating can be tough, but with these tips, you can do it.

Drink water


Sometimes hunger isn’t really hunger for food but a thirst for water. Before ordering a meal, try drinking lots of water first. If you’re still famished after drinking, then maybe you really are starving for food.

Eat on Time

Skipping meals will overwhelm your craving for food, and you might lose control of yourself once you have the chance to eat. Overeating can be caused by not sticking to your eating schedule. Have your breakfast, lunch, and supper at the right time and make sure you eat healthy food. To keep your hunger in control, opt for high-fiber alternatives in your meals such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains. Don’t eat too many sweets especially when you’re hungry because that can result in overeating.

Enjoy sweets in moderation


As mentioned, it’s best to avoid too many sweets. Sure, cookies, chips, cakes, chocolates, and ice cream can make you feel better when you’re stressed and emotionally down, but it can make your weight go up. Plus, it’s not healthy to consume a lot of sugar. Sugary food can satisfy your cravings for now, but it won’t last. And before you know it, instead of promising to eat only a piece of cake, you’ve already eaten every bit! Besides, doughnuts and other desserts taste almost the same wherever you are anyway.

Stroll around

Another tip to avoid overeating is to walk. Staying in one place can be tempting for your stomach. If you’re just lying around or sitting down, you’re giving an opportunity to your brain to start looking for food. Rather than hanging inside your hotel room watching television the whole day while eating, go for a stroll around the city. Not only will you be able to enjoy your travel even more; you’ll also be able to exercise your muscles.

Do some activity


Performing some activity like attending art or a woodworking class can keep your mind busy. If you’re working, you won’t have time to think about eating again when you literally just ate. You can control your cravings if you’re concentrated on accomplishing something. It’s a unique way of avoiding overeating, but as long as it’s effective, then you should definitely try it!

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